Germany - Municipality of Dresden

University name: 
Municipality of Dresden

Agreement of Scientific Cooperation

Date of initial signing: 
May 2014
Duration of Agreement: 
Automatic renewal after the expiring time
Contact Person: 
D. Mentekidou, Tel: +30 2310 991605
Scientific coordinator: 

Prof. X. Sahinis, School of Visual and Applied Arts.

Participating Faculties and Schools: 
School of Visual and Applied Arts
Partners' Obligations: 

The Agreement relates to cultural exchanges. Mutual exchange of one (1) artist for over four (4) weeks is provided for  employment purposes in their respective labs (engraving AUTH-Grafikwerstaff Dresden) and an organised exhibition of the collection of works in the existing premises of  Partner parties. 

The costs of travel and lodging will be borne by  the exchanged parties, while the Contracting Parties undertake hosting (AUTH-Guest Teacher). No other costs will not be borne by AUTH.



First Agreement: