Russia - Ukhta State Technical University

University name: 
Ukhta State Technical University

Agreement of Scientific Cooperation

Date of initial signing: 
June 2014
Duration of Agreement: 
indefinite duration
Contact Person: 
S. Manoliadou, tel. 2310 995307
Scientific coordinator: 

Prof. V. Christaras, School of Biology.

Participating Faculties and Schools: 
School of Economics
School of Geology
School of Chemistry
School of Informatics
School of Forestry and Natural Environment
School of Civil Engineering
School of Architecture
School of Mechanical Engineering
School of Electrical and Computer Engineering
School of Chemical Engineering
Partners' Obligations: 

Mutual exchange of Professors or Lecturers for survey and lectures and exchanges of graduate and postgraduate students. The realization of these exchanges will be examined in every case after the aproval of the two Institutions and will be based upon the available financial sources of the two Institutional parties or other external financial sources as long as they comply with the relevant law provisions as they were modyfied and are in force.

5.7.2017: Signing of Appendix for the protection of the personal data of the contracting parts.