Russia - Moscow State Pedagogical University

University name: 
Moscow State Pedagogical University

Agreement of Scientific Cooperation

Student Exchange Agreement

Date of initial signing: 
18 / 5 / 2020
Duration of Agreement: 
2020 - May 2023
Contact Person: 
D. Mentekidou, Tel: +30 2310 991605
Scientific coordinator: 

Prof. An. Tsaggalidis, School of English Language and Literature

Assoc. Prof. Thomai Alexiou, School of English Language and Literature

Participating Faculties and Schools: 
School of Modern Greek Language
English Language and Literature
Partners' Obligations: 

The Scientific Cooperation Agreement and its Annex provides for a special program for the admission of thirty (30) undergraduate students from the Moscow State Pedagogical University (MSPU) of Russia for studies of one (1) semester at the School of English Language and Literature, AUTh. in collaboration with the School of Modern Greek Language, AUTh.

It will also be possible to exchange faculty members, depending on the available financial resources.