Jordan - Jordan University of Science and Technology

University name: 
Jordan University of Science and Technology

Agreement of Scientific Cooperation.

Date of initial signing: 
Duration of Agreement: 
2018 - Sept. 2021
Contact Person: 
S. Manoliadou, tel. 2310.99.5307
Scientific coordinator: 

Professor Ch. Baniotopoulos, School of Civil Engineering


Participating Faculties and Schools: 
School of Civil Engineering
School of Architecture
School of Mechanical Engineering
School of Electrical and Computer Engineering
School of Rural and Surveying Engineering
School of Chemical Engineering
School of Mathematics, Physics and Computational Sciences
Faculty of Medicine
Faculty of Dentistry
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
School of Pharmacy
Partners' Obligations: 

Exchange of 4 Academic Staff members for up to 30 days stay in total.
Exchange of up to 4 post-graduate students every year for a total maximum stay of 6 semesters; students wiil be allowed to transer their grades to their Universities. No fees will be paid by the students. Universities will assist  the hosting of the visiting students, supporting them in finding accommodation, which will be covered by their own expenses.

Last Renewal of Agreement: