Turkey - Onsekiz Mart University of Canakkale

University name: 
Onsekiz Mart University of Canakkale

Protocol of Collaboration

Date of initial signing: 
Duration of Agreement: 
2017 - July 2020
Contact Person: 
El. Lazaridou, Tel: 2310 991341
Scientific coordinator: 

Emeritus Professor K. Chatzikonstantinou, School of Law

Assist. Prof. M. Sarigiannidis, School of Law


Participating Faculties and Schools: 
Faculty of Agriculture (Departments of Agricultural economics, Animal production, Crop protection, Horticulture & Viticulture, Food Science & Technology, Hydraulics)
School of Economics (Departments of Business Administration, Growth, development & planning and General economic theory & policy)
School of Political Sciences
School of Philosophy and Pedagogy
School of Early Childhood Education
School of Primary Education
School of Electrical and Computer Engineering
School of Geology (Departments of Geophysics & Physical & environmental geography)
School of History and Archaeology
School of Visual and Applied Arts
School of Architecture
School of Drama
School of Film Studies
School of Biology
School of Chemistry
School of English Language and Literature
School of Physics
School of Mathematics
School of Physical Education and Sports Science
School of Journalism and Mass Media Studies
School of Modern Greek Language
Partners' Obligations: 


Exchange three faculty members to stay up to 30 days total.
Mutual exchange of one Teacher of Greek and Turkish language respectively (defined in the Annex to 2006).
Mutual exchange of one (1) faculty member of the permanent teaching staff of the two institutions for stays up to one week each month during the teaching period. (The teaching of Turkish language at the Philosophical School students (optional) will take place at the Department of History and Archaeology and the Greek language (optional)  at the Turkish University signed Annex 23.6.2006.


Last Renewal of Agreement: