Czech Republic - Charles University

University name: 
Charles University

Agreement of Scientific Cooperation.

Czech Republic
Date of initial signing: 
Duration of Agreement: 
indefinite duration
Contact Person: 
S. Μanoliadou, tel. 2310 995307
Scientific coordinator: 

Prof. Emeritus P. Argyrakis - School of Physics.

Participating Faculties and Schools: 
Faculty of Medicine
School of Physics
School of Civil Engineering
School of Geology
School of History and Archaeology
Partners' Obligations: 

Exchange of  6 Professors or Lecturers for up to seven (7) days stay each. Extension of the Agreement to the Faculty of Medicine (2010). Extension to the School of Geology (2011).


Appendix (signature: 08/02/2017)
It involves collaboration between the Chair of Jewish Studies Department,  Faculty of Philosophy, School of History and Archaeology of the Aristotle University and the Faculty of Social Sciences of Charles University. Its purpose is to organize Summer School entitled: "Natioanlism, Religion & Violence in Europe & the Mediterranean". It is held every summer alternately by the two parties.
Responsible Teachers: Prof. B. Gounaris and Assist. Prof. K. Kralova
Students will pay tuition.
The duration of  the Appendix will be initially for the years 2017 and 2018 with the possibility of further renewal.


Last Renewal of Agreement: