Slovakia - Constantine the Philosopher University

University name: 
Constantine the Philosopher University

Agreement of Scientific Cooperation.

Date of initial signing: 
Duration of Agreement: 
2012 - February 2017
Contact Person: 
H. Bahtsavanopoulou, tel. 2310 996742
Scientific coordinator: 

Assoc. Prof. P. Stefanidis - Faculty of Forestry and Natural Environment.

Participating Faculties and Schools: 
Faculty of Forestry and Natural Environment
Faculty of Agriculture
School of Theology
School of Ecclesiastical and Social Theology
School of French Language and Literature
School of Law
School of Mathematics
Partners' Obligations: 

Initial Agreement: Exchange of one faculty member for 7 days stay.
With the renewal of the 2012 the conditions have changed:
Exchange of faculty members, researchers and students. The cost of these activities (travel, accommodation and subsistence costs) will be covered by each University for its own people exchanged, as long as this economic opportunity exists.
Each Party University will endeavor to provide free hosting to faculty members who will visit it.

Last Renewal of Agreement: