Armenia - Yerevan State University

University name: 
Yerevan State University

Agreement of Scientific Cooperation.

Date of initial signing: 
Duration of Agreement: 
2020 - May 2023
Contact Person: 
S. Manoliadou, tel. 2310 995307
Scientific coordinator: 

Emeritus Prof. I. Kazazis - School of Philology


Participating Faculties and Schools: 
History and Archaeology
School of Economics
School of Law
School of Theology
School of Ecclesiastical and Social Theology
School of Philosophy and Pedagogy
School of Psychology
School of Mathematics
School of Chemistry
School of Biology
School of Geology
School of Informatics
Partners' Obligations: 

Exchange of Academic Staff members for up to thirty (30) man-days stay.
Aristotle University is providing 3 scholarships to students from Armenia for attending the intensive summer course of Greek language (one month)


Last Renewal of Agreement: