Aristotle University Research Dissemination Center (KEDEA)

The BSUN 2018 Congress will take place at the Aristotle University's Research Dissemination Center (KEDEA), situated downtown, on Tritis Septemvriou Str. at Aristotle University’s campus between the Student Club and the University Gymnasium, 660 metres from the AUTh Administration Building.  

The Conference Center provides ultra modern auditoriums, exhibition space of 300 sq.m. and conference halls suported by the required equipment and the applicable technical support, including, sound system installations, permanent simultaneous translation booths, digital sound recording, permanent projector screen 8,00 x 4,40 m, along with specially designated areas for the organization of coffee breaks and dinners. The Conference Hall and the speakers panel are accessible to the disabled.

Τel.: +30 2310 994013, Εmail:

Find more infromation for KEDEA in the brochure here.