EUA Newsletter 8/2019 - High-level Commission meeting, Growing R&I funding campaign, Learning and teaching videos

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Subject:EUA Newsletter 8/2019 - High-level Commission meeting, Growing R I funding campaign, Learning and teaching videos


EUA President meets with next EU Commissioner for Innovation and Youth

Mariya Gabriel, Commissioner-designate for Innovation and Youth, was well-received during her official hearing in the European Parliament on 30 September. As the College of Commissioners awaits final approval, Gabriel has already begun meetings with key stakeholders.
This week she sat down with EUA President Michael Murphy to discuss common priorities for European higher education, research and innovation. The President conveyed congratulations on behalf of Europe’s universities and underlined how EUA is pleased to see a holistic vision that can ensure Europe’s knowledge base and brings our societies forward.
Gabriel’s mission, assigned to her by Commission President-elect Ursula von der Leyen, encompasses the entire knowledge triangle and lists research and education among the first items in her remit - including the implementation of the Horizon Europe and Erasmus programmes.
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Horizon Europe: EUA presents “Seize our common future” call to European Commission
Nearly 300 signatories have now joined EUA and 14 other associations to back a rapidly growing call for EU institutions to strengthen future R&I investment. EUA Vice President Paul Boyle presented the document to the European Commission during R&I Days in Brussels. The call is collecting signatures until the end of October. Notably, it urges €120 billion for Horizon Europe.

EUA calls on the European Parliament to defend EU investment in R&I in 2020
The annual EU budget for 2020 is also under debate and research funding is facing pressure. EUA supports the European Parliament in its efforts to reverse proposed cuts and push forward a budget in line with the Commission’s ambitions.
Launch of the InSPIREurope project, an initiative to Support, Promote and Integrate Researchers at Risk in Europe
The InSPIREurope project was launched on 14 October at Maynooth University. The initiative aims to support researchers at risk to discrimination, persecution, suffering or violence. The project brings together diverse partners, including EUA.

Four steps to keep the EU’s heart pumping via knowledge and science | Michael Murphy
The new EU Commission must make research, education and innovation a priority as it sets out the roadmap for the coming years. In Science Business, EUA President Michael Murphy presents a four-step outline on how to fuel the agenda and face environmental, social and economic challenges.

Why we continue to discuss university autonomy and academic freedom | Sijbolt Noorda
University autonomy and academic freedom should be more than topics of proclamation and celebration. Sijbolt Noorda, President of the Magna Charta Observatory, discusses why they should be lived in the realities of university life and actively promoted worldwide.

The value of universities, a perspective from the University of Iceland | Jón Atli Benediksson
In looking to the future, universities must protect their values, while being open to re-evaluating all aspects of their work – a reflection from Jón Atli Benediktsson, Rector of the University of Iceland.

Coordinated evaluations and concrete change: experiences from EUA’s Institutional Evaluation Programme | Andrée Sursock
As EUA’s Institutional Evaluation Programme (IEP) celebrates its 25th anniversary, Senior Adviser Andrée Sursock looks back at how coordinated evaluations have supported system level change.

How doctorates vary across Europe, from the perspective of doctoral candidates | Eva Hnátková
Doctorates across Europe differ in rules and requirements. What are the strong points and where are the challenges? The Eurodoc survey “Doctorates across Europe” provides some answers.

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