Three awards for AUTh in the International Poem Competition WRICOS 2020 - Silk-Road Universities Network (SUN)

The Aristotle University of Thessaloniki achieved three exceptional distinctions
in the 4th written competition Writing Contest of the Silk-Road Universities (SUN) -
WRICOS 2020, as three members of its student community managed to
distinguish with great prizes in the part of the competition that concerned
poetry. The theme of this year's competition was : The Wisdom of the Silk Roads for the Survival of Civilizations.

The competition was organized in the framework of the actions of the University Network
of the Silk-Road (SUN Network), of which Aristotle is a member

Maria Diakaki, a graduate now of the Department of Psychology of AUTh was awarded with the first (Grand Prize). The winning poem of Maria Diakaki was written in Greek and entitled  "The Wisdom of the Silk Road  in the survival of civilizations", as the theme of the competition. 
The Special Selection Prize was won by the Nominee
Doctor of the School of Music Studies of AUTh, Despina-Efrosini
Giannakopoulou and the undergraduate student of the Schoolof Mathematics of AUTh
Panagiotis Bountzioukas for their participation with poems written in
Greek and English respectively and also with the same title as this year's theme

The purpose of the competition for the writing of a poem and an essay is to
give students the opportunity to  meet with the language diversity along the "Silk Road" and at the same time to protect the value of "small" languages.
The three distinguished participated in its 6th General Assembly
SUN network, which took place online on December 3rd  2020 as well as in the United Students of SUN (USSUN),  which was held on the same day, along with other student representatives of the members Universities of the Network.

"We are very proud of the participation and the distinctions of the members of 
our student community in this competition.  Aristotle students create and participate actively in international competitions, winning important prizes, a fact that fills us with joy ",
noted the Rector of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Professor Nikolaos G. Papaioannou, expressing his congratulations on the winners.

The Secretary General of the SUN Network, Dr. Sungdon Hwang, also congratulated the
awardees for this important distinction, emphasizing that their work reflects the theme of this year's competition.
"Through your poems we understand the diversity of culture
"and people along the Silk Road," he said in his congratulatory letters.

The WRICOS competition is organized by the Silk-Road Universities Network- SUN, a very important and active network of 82 Universities from 65 countries in Europe and Asia.
Eligible to participate in the competition were undergraduate or postgraduate students
of SUN member universities. The participations in the poems and the essays, written in 15 languages ​​from 14 countries, totaled 92. The poems that competed were 51, while the essays were 41.