The Embassy of the Federal Government of Switzerland in Athens announced the award of scholarships to Greek citizens , under a program pools (pool system), who wish to undertake postgraduate art studies or to prepare a survey in Switzerland during the academic year 2014-15 .
Before submitting their application , interested parties should come into contact with a professor :
1. Swiss University or University or higher institution specialization of their choice for their acceptance in research ,
Two . Supreme Foundation Artistic Direction of their choice for their acceptance into Graduate Program
indicating that they intend to submit an application under this notice. The certificate of acceptance full schedule of courses is a prerequisite for completion of the dossier to be submitted by the candidate. Candidates for research should submit one letter of invitation from a professor who will oversee their work.
Also priority candidates submit their applications through cooperation in research project between the University of the country of origin and Swiss universities .
Not admitted candidates who are already watching over a year a Research Project or Program in Swiss Supreme Foundation .
 For information on universities , programs and teachers interested can visit the website
For more information, interested parties should contact the Cultural Section of the Embassy of Switzerland in Athens (website : / athens), Mrs. Mary Smith (telephone : 210-7230364-6 and e-mail: maria.papadopoulou @ and ath.vertretung @ to take all necessary for their application forms and related information.

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Outbound Students
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