Europe Scholarship Wuerzburg - Germany

Europe Scholarship WÜRZBURG
With the aim of fostering the European idea of student exchange, the University of Würzburg is offering Europe
Scholarships to students of European Union countries.
In the 2014/2015 Winter Semester 9 Europe Scholarships of 7,000 EUR each will be awarded to students who study
abroad for two semesters at the University of Würzburg.
The Europe Scholarship was initiated by the former mayor of Würzburg and his wife, Mr. and Mrs. Rosenthal, for the
university city of Würzburg.
The scholarship programme is sponsored by renowned personalities such as Professor Peter Bofinger of the
German Council for Economic Experts, and world swimming champion, Thomas Lurz. The programme is also under
the auspices of the French Ambassador, Monsieur Gourdault-Montagne.
For more information, please visit the attached two files.

Julius Maximilians Universitaet Wuerzburg - Deutschland
Responsible Department AUTH: 
University of Würzburg Europastipendium International Office Josef-Martin-Weg 54/2 97074 Würzburg
Expiration Date of Submission: 
Monday, 30 June, 2014 - 14:30
Type of Scholarship: 
Type of mobility: 
Outbound Students
Location of Scholarship: 
Origin of Students: 
Greek Students